Garrett Hubbard brings video skills to conference

Garrett Hubbard – Photojournalist

The staff of the Southeastern Photojournalism Conference is excited to announce that photojournalist Garrett Hubbard will be joining the faculty in 2019. Hubbard is the owner of GH Studios and former video journalist at USA TODAY.

Hubbard believes that there is an unquenchable thirst for authentic stories in our world. He produces real stories through both video and still photography to connect his clients with their audience because we live in the most visually literate society history has ever known. This is why visual storytelling is such a relevant and effective way to connect people to a brand, idea, and mission.

 Garrett learned from some of the best storytellers out there—journalists. He spent five years cultivating a documentary and narrative driven video style mixed with an artful photographic vision as the Senior Video Journalist at USA TODAY. This work has taken him to the White House, the Olympics, The Royal Wedding, and many other places around the world. Prior to joining the USA TODAY staff, he had the opportunity to tell stories for The Washington Post and The New York Times.

 Garrett’s work has been honored by some of the most prestigious awards in marketing and journalism including the National Press Photographers Association and White House News Photographers Association. These awards have landed him in the Oval Office twice to shake the President’s hand (Garrett opted instead for a fist bump and a high-five).

 Garrett is grateful for mentors and friends who have invested in his life story. He loves Jesus, his wife, his kids, and his neighbors. Other things in life that bring him great joy include avocados, Californians, and mountain biking.


See more about Garrett at his website:

Garrett Speaks at The Newseum Photos by Chip Somodevilia and and John Elswick © Garrett Hubbard 2012
Qing Pang and Jian Tong of China perform a near flawless long-form couples routine earning them the silver medal Monday night in Vancouver, BC. China won both gold and silver with the bronze going to Germany. It was the first time since 1964 that Russia did not take home the gold in this event. © Garrett Hubbard
Photo by Garrett Hubbard, USA TODAY Staff
The Brahman’s daughter lives in poverty yet is esteemed because of her high caste status.
The eldest daughter of an armless, yet proud Brahman father stands at the door to their house in the Pujalti Village near Mussoorie, India. This family lives in poverty, but because they are Brahman, the highest caste and live in a rural area, they are respected. © Garrett Hubbard 2004

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