Conference Changes

We want you to know about the changes we have made after 26 years as the Southwestern Photojournalism Conference.

After moving the conference to Nashville this past year, we decided we needed to change our name – after all, we are no longer in the Southwest. We are now in the Southeast, so we decided to just change a few letters and came up with the Southeastern Photojournalism Conference or SEPJC for short.

We had settled on a date last fall that didn't seem to have any major conflicts with photo conferences. Just about three weeks ago, we discovered that the date we had chosen had been taken by a major photo conference that would cause conflicts with our vendors. We choose the January 31- February 2, 2019 date because most of our early faculty (more on that coming soon) could join us for this date. We realize it is Super Bowl weekend, but we also had conflicts with every other possible date. We simply had to choose and are excited about this coming conference.

2 thoughts on “Conference Changes”

  1. So very excited about this next year! Praying for the behind the scenes and making of the conference. Praying for the team, and praying for the speakers and sponsors to come soon too. May this next year help everyone to see a little deeper, and be challenged in their craft.

    1. Kathleen! Marketing is creating a poster for me to publish on campus and digitally here at Asbury. I expect to bring a few more students this year. Let me know if I can do anything to help you all.

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