Gabriel Tait added to 2019 conference faculty

Dr. Gabriel Tait photojournalist/educator

Gabriel Tait, Ph.D., an accomplished photojournalist and educator has been added to the 2019 Southeastern Photojournalism Conference faculty. Dr. Tait currently is assistant professor of Multimedia Journalism at Arkansas State University. He is scheduled to join the Ball State University department of journalism faculty in January 2019.

“We are excited to have Gabriel join our conference faculty. He brings a great wealth of experience in photojournalism as well as the ability to discuss the future of storytelling. That’s important for not only educators but also for professionals looking to enhance their visual storytelling careers,” said conference director Bob Carey.

Carey added, “Gabriel brings both of these from a faith-based perspective.”

Dr. Tait received his BA from Slippery Rock University, MA and PhD from Asbury Theological Seminary.

Prior to attending seminary, Dr. Tait served 25-plus years as a national and international newspaper photojournalist covering events in many countries for the Detroit Free Press and St. Louis Post-Dispatch. In 2000, he was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. He has won numerous photojournalism awards from NPPA, the Associated Press, and the National Association of Black Journalist. Dr. Tait carries his real-life experience into the classroom to teach and mentors his students.

His research areas include photojournalism, diversity and media, visual research methods, participatory photography, and the impact of photography in cross-cultural context constructing and representing cultural identities. Dr. Tait created his visual research methodolgycalled, “Sight Beyond My Sight” (SBMS). SBMS is a method that is based on the biblical narrative found in (Mark 8:22-25). SBMS uses ethnographic photography to learn about local cultures from members within the culture. His method is currently being used in as an interdisciplinary visual research method.

In 2017, Dr. Tait authored “Really Social Photojournalism” and a Photojournalistic Changing of the Guard: Observations and Insights. He also co-authored, Citizen Framing of #Ferguson on Twitter. His co-authored article Arethey the Greatest?: A Visual Comparative Analysis of Muhammad Ali and Maya Angelou Published in America’s Newspaperswas recently published in Visual Communication Quarterly.

In religious studies Dr. Tait has published several book chapters on Missions and Evangelism including: “The Missionary and the Camera: Developing an Ethic for Contemporary Missionary Photographers,” and “Understanding the Importance of Diversity in Missions: An African American Perspective.” He has also presented his scholarly and creative work at numerous conferences, VCQ, The Journal of Social Media in Society, the Encyclopedia of Christianity, and other journals. He is currently working on his co-edited book—Narratives is Cultural Storytelling.

Dr. Tait and his wife Erica, have two sons, a daughter and a rescue dog named Boots.

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