Everyone’s got something to say, but can you say it in two minutes?

We’d like to give you the chance to take the stage and share your vision in 120 seconds. That’s right, you’ve got just 2 minutes be it in photos limit of 15 still photos or self-running multimedia show.

You may take less time but no more than. The two options you have for this are either a self-running show in .mp4 or .mov formats only (no Internet linked shows allowed). If using audio within your presentation that is not of your own creation, please be sure to have proper licensing and usage rights.

  1. We will accept the first 30 shows. These will be on a first come-first serve basis. Very rarely will shows be accepted after the conference begins, as most years the limited availability fills up FAST. The 2-minute shows will begin Friday evening during the conference and continue on Saturday.
  2. You may choose to show up to fifteen single digital images or share a self-running 2-minute show.
  3. You have a maximum of two minutes to talk on stage. Begin with introducing yourself to the crowd. Then, feel free to use the following time to generally describe your images, ask for a internship or job even! We even had someone sign up for a 2minute show and show one image and spoke to the crowd for their entire two minutes. It’s your two minutes, you choose how you’d like to spend your time–use it wisely.

Multimedia Show Guidelines

  1. You may choose to share a self-running multimedia piece. It must be in a self-contained file able to be given to person at registration table on the first day of the conference to load onto their computer. Be sure this show is able to work on a Mac and PC. Most importantly, please be sure to keep your show under 120 seconds. As your two minute time frame starts when you hit the stage introducing yourself.
  2. Image size for self-running shows should be no bigger than 1024×768, since this is the limit for many projectors.
  3. At registration, please indicate whether your multimedia show has sound/audio/narration or not.

Digital Image Guidelines 1. All digital images must be submitted beginning the afternoon of the main conference registration (Jan. 31, which opens at 1pm). 2-Minute show registration will be located in the same area as the conference registration area. 2. Images may be submitted via flash/thumb drive, CF or SD card, which will be immediately returned to you after the copying of files to the show computer. 3. All images should be sized at 300 dpi and the largest dimension no more than 10 inches to help keep file sizes smaller and loading time quicker. Please also save files as JPEGs with medium/high (8) compression. 4. Name files using the following example: Lastname_firstinitial_01.JPG If your name is Kathleen Murray it would look like this: Murray_K_01.JPG 5. Put the files in a folder labeled Lastname_firstname So if your name is Kathleen the folder will be named: Murray_Kathleen

Remember, no more than 15 digital images in the folder. Your two minute show time frame starts when you hit the stage introducing yourself. The images submitted will be timed out to be shown within the two minute time frame (roughly 8 seconds per image).